Media Outreach

Our media outreach program mainly aims at utilizing various popular media platforms within South Sudan (currently the two most popoular being local radio, Facebook and Whatsapp) to spread information and knowledge on how to maximize the capacity of various business enterprises FYI is currently funding. The other aim is to use the media to gain vast exposure of our programs to encourage SME’s to comeforth with their applications in order to strengthen and maintain susatainability in their businesses.

Utilizing the media to reach rural communities and spread information

Radio Campaign

The plan was to share the broadcasts with other stations besides Radio Bakhita, City FM, EYE- FYI extended this to those radio stations with country-wide coverage. Twenty-four smallholder farmers were selected from six existing cooperatives that currently receive investment grants from FYI; four representatives were selected from each cooperative. This was our approach when engaging farmers with round table discussions and talk show sessions. All of the twenty-four farmers’ representatives participated in round table discussion with few members identified to go for talk show sessions- Also this is provided for in the PMP that was shared earlier on April 16th, 2018

WhatsApp Campaign

Farmers need correct knowledge about many aspects of farming to improve their effectiveness and yields. Media outreach can play a key role in raising productivity by offering technical advice, helping farmers identify problems and opportunities, and sharing information and skills through text message exchange. In 2018, FYI code-named a WhatsApp group for easy interaction, each farmers’ group had a contact person acting as a coordinator to receive and share information to the group. This technique was tried in Kenya and India and has helped farmers very well. The main factors for discussion using WhatsApp groups key farming recipes, Factors affecting successful farming and what hinders farmers to access market and information to better market price.

SMS Text (Zain/MTN)

In 2018, as part of media outreach program aiming to support small farmer cooperatives increase their access to reliable information about agriculture, Radio was the best platform to reach a broader and more local target audience as it was widely accessible, inexpensive and the best platform to facilitate the flow of information for building agriculture knowledge and finance among farmers. We Partnered up with MTN and Zain to launch short, informed text messages to be broadcasted on users of these phone-line users. A total of 32 SMS were developed, 4 SMS each month targeting all of MTN/ZAIN subscribers for a period of eight months.