Off-Grid Energy

Supporting renewable energy and environmentally-friendly innovation projects within South Sudan

South Sudan’s catastrophic civil war has hindered development of the energy sector. The country largely depends on imported diesel to run generators for various electrical utilities. However, the widespread insecurity, unreliable fuel importing coupled with hyperinflation have made diesel much more scarcer and expensive to rely on.
FYI works with grassroots enterprises to exploit South Sudan’s ample energy potentials in the form of solar, wind and biomass. Developing these unexploited resources with modern alternative energy technology would place South Sudan at the forefront of sustainable energy infrastructure development that could meet domestic consumption.

Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for any young person living on or off the street.  Our ‘Off-grid’ renewable energy program is based on supporting green energy and technology-led innovations and also projects that benefit the environment. This program aims to spread awareness and educate the youth about how they can help the environment while also using it as a means to become sustainable and self-sufficient while also supporting projects in rural areas such as water and sanitation providing drinkable water to the underserved communities in South Sudan. It also aims to enhance public knowledge on hygiene and sanitation promotion through public awareness raising and multiple channels, particularly for the hard-to-reach and underserved communities in South Sudan.

Foundation For Youth Initiative South Sudan

Foundation for Youth initiative (FYI) was founded in 2011, drawing from multicultural and professional expertise of its founders. Read More.....


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