“Many of us farmers especially at the subsistence farming level do not understand weather and season, we end up planting crops either late or generally at the wrong time which has completely led to major loses in our businesses. However, access to information related to seasons of the rain in South Sudan through the expert training has helped immensely. Now I can proudly say I am able to know what time of the year I have to plant a specific crop for its successful growth. I am able to tell which crops will be destroyed by heavy floods and which can with stand it, this has helped a lot as it has led to improved yields and production which means that we are taking much more than before to the market and making reasonable profits. Thank you!!! Foundation for Youth Initiative …”

Mrs. Angela Venusto

Chairlady , Kuru Ko Wate Food Processing

“Before starting up in Juba, I was based in Mundri, There; we did not know that there are organizations like FYI who help farmers grow through information sharing on best farming practice. Ever since I joined this farmers project there has been a big change, previously I was looking for how I can get information relating with modern methods for farming to improve my production but through FYI we were able to get proper training, coaching and techniques that has changed everything, we are now able to use the information we have acquired through their roundtables discussion and radio talk show program, Mr. Samson added through the knowledge I got from agricultural experts provided by FYI during training on how to do a land preparation before planting, crop management, storage and even marketing, I am now training farmers in my very own cooperative society and networking with other farmers in different societies to exchange ideas. Not only that, I am now able to determine when my goods can provide competition in the market and therefore bring a better profit”

Samson Arap

Business Manager, Akari Development Association

“Life was hard before accessing FYI farmers program, Getting access to information related to farming best practices and how to overcome some challenges facing us farmers was not possible and we never had any organization that will bring us farmers from different locations together so that we can share information among ourselves. Our    production was always very low and what goes to the market would not bring back profit, but through the training I received with FYI done in forms of roundtable discussions and radio talk shows I was able to network with other farmers’ brain storm and get ideas from them on how to protect crops from weeds, pest and diseases especially the fallen army worm that gave me headache. “My farm’s main products are maize, millet and sorghum. The experts provided to me by FYI helped polish my knowledge on modern methods of farming and now I can smile I am doing much better, and I appreciate FYI so much for their gesture to advance agriculture in South Sudan


Mr. Sebit Lam

Farmer, Kanybek Cooperative Society

“Sharing information is one of the best means of making farming activities more effective and benefiting as this has become the only option for us, without it, we can’t survive especially with the current crisis in the country. The information sharing platforms that we ‘re currently getting engaged will help us know the best agriculture practices, pests and disease control and information about market prices for our farm is our life”

Ms. Swaka

Farmer and Elder, Mangalla Farmers Group

“It has really been a successful year of farming and harvesting. A few seeds from the low production in the previous year was what we used. We planted approximately 1 bag of ‘Full Sudan’ groundnuts which was equivalent to 20kg and the result of what we have harvested so far is impressive. This success is due to good information we received from FYI about good and accurate timing of the rain, good land preparation, and the knowledge gained from FYI training sessions on crop management. Weeding was done at the right time and we also had information on what to do should our plants be attacked by pest and diseases”

Mrs. Makileta Luka

Farmer and Chairlady:, Mangala Women Development Association