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The Program aims to support rural projects that provide drinkable water to the underserved communities in South Sudan. It also aims to enhance public knowledge on hygiene and sanitation promotion through public awareness raising and multiple channels, particularly for the hard-to-reach and underserved communities in South Sudan.


The program typically aims to ensure income generation stability, innovation and entrepreneurship among youth and women, which in turn increases their greater potentials to reach higher volumes and larger revenue that increase household income levels, thus improving their working capital, agricultural practices, strong market linkages, and business expansion planning skills.


Foundation provides training and technical assistance to farmer cooperatives, youth-led enterprises and grassroots associations. We train them in financial management system, good governance, financial reporting system, enterprises development and entrepreneurs mentoring. We also assist them in development of business plan, brand development and marketing strategies.


Self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal for any young person who is living on the street. So how can you help these young people take that final step into gainful employment, stable housing, or financial security?


Using only pure essential oils and other all natural ingredients from the plant kingdom (no synthetics or chemicals), making our all natural herbal soaps and bath care products some of the best found anywhere.


Capacity-building is a key means of implementation in enhancing and accelerating human, institutional and infrastructure capacity building initiatives and for assisting developing countries in building capacity to access a larger share of multilateral and global research and development programs.


South Sudan’s catastrophic civil war has hindered development of the energy sector. The country largely depends on imported diesel to run generators for various electrical utilities.

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However, the widespread insecurity, unreliable fuel importing coupled with hyperinflation have made diesel much more scarcer and expensive to rely on.
Foundations works with grassroots enterprises to exploit South Sudan’s ample energy potentials in the form of solar, wind and biomass. Developing these unexploited resources with modern alternative energy technology would place South Sudan at the forefront of sustainable energy infrastructure development that could meet domestic consumption.


We manage grants from international development agencies and NGOs through cooperative agreements and other agreed partnership frameworks.


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Our roles include, among other thing, identification, screening and preparation of grantees that are adjudged to be potentially qualified for intervention projects. We also train and monitor grantees to ensure compliance with grant agreements. At the end of each grant project, we undertake project closeouts according to required standards of the funding development partners.

Known for our commitment to yielding lasting impacts, we anchor monitoring, remedy and evaluation of projects. We apply rigorous evaluation methods to promote actionable learning, increase effectiveness and contribute to better outcomes. Our highly collaborative approach facilitates the design of monitoring, evaluation and learning systems tailored to unique needs of our grantees that respond to key program objectives and theories of change.


This Program aims to support local capacities for non-violent management and resolution of conflict; and support local capacities to demand and enable good governance.

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 and to establish a culture of peace in South Sudan. Its overall goal is to strengthen local capacities to prevent, mitigate and manage conflict in a non-violent manner in the rural communities of South Sudan.


This Program aims to carry out vocational training and other development initiatives that ensure positive impact on employment creation, youth and women empowerment through leadership 

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strengthening;employment promotion that assists them in their transition from unemployment to work through the provision of employment promotion services such as internship opportunities; and support micro, small and medium-sized business development


This Program aims to contribute to equal access to education and remove existing barriers to education for underserved and hard-to-reach communities in South Sudan. 

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Its overall goal is to strengthen the local expertise, resilience and self-reliance of local communities in the delivery of education services in conflict affected areas of South Sudan;and create equal access to education for girls, internally displaced peoples (IDPs), demobilized child soldiers and vulnerable conflict affected children in South Sudan.


Majority of South Sudanese (about 85%) live in rural areas where they depend on agriculture as the main source of income. Yet they utilize only 4% out of 80% of cultivable land, using traditional methods. 

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The farmers lack knowledge on irrigation systems and mechanized farming have limited knowledge and exposure to appropriate technology. There is a. Agricultural production is rainfed in its entirety. Consequently, agricultural production and productivity remain very low and incidence of poverty and food insecurity becomes pervasive.
Foundation works directly with farmer cooperatives in developing their business proposal intended to achieve greater commercial viability, significant social benefits and sustainability with particular emphasis placed on value addition chain. We develop project documents including technical proposal, market analysis, technology analysis, financial analysis, and environmental assessment among others. We align these project documents to each cooperative’s business model that galvanizes synergy of smallholder farmers to collectively access market linkages, exploit end-market opportunities, improve incomes and ensure project impact and sustainability.

Foundation For Youth Initiative South Sudan

Foundation for Youth initiative (FYI) was founded in 2011, drawing from multicultural and professional expertise of its founders. Read More.....


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