Youth-led & Empowerment Programs

Empowering youth by proving education training, child poverty reduction campaigns and encouraged enterprise development 

This Program aims to carry out vocational training and other development initiatives that ensure positive impact on employment creation, youth and women empowerment through leadership, strengthening employment promotion that assists them in their transition from unemployment to work through the provision of employment promotion services such as internship opportunities; and support micro, small and medium-sized business development.

Through education and functional training of youth and women in our program we want to ensure income generation stability, innovation and entrepreneurship among youth and women, which in turn increases their greater potentials to reach higher volumes and larger revenue that increase household income levels, thus improving their working capital, agricultural practices, strong market linkages, and business expansion planning skills.

Another thing FYI strongly advocates for, given the violent history of South Sudan, is advocating for peace and promoting it. Peace builiding is an essential part we work in to our youth-oriented programs by supporting local capacities for non-violent management and resolution of conflict; and support local capacities to demand and enable good governance and to establish a culture of peace in South Sudan. Its overall goal is to strengthen local capacities to prevent, mitigate and manage conflict in a non-violent manner in the rural communities of South Sudan.

Child protection and poverty reduction is an important aspect of this program that aims to contribute to equal access to education and remove existing barriers to education for underserved and hard-to-reach communities in South Sudan. It’s overall goal is to strengthen the local expertise, resilience and self-reliance of local communities in the delivery of education services in conflict affected areas of South Sudan and create equal access to education for girls, internally displaced peoples (IDPs), demobilized child soldiers and vulnerable conflict affected children in South Sudan.

Foundation For Youth Initiative South Sudan

Foundation for Youth initiative (FYI) was founded in 2011, drawing from multicultural and professional expertise of its founders. Read More.....


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