About Us

What Is FYI’s Mission and Vision?

We envision a democratic peaceful South Sudan for rejuvenated, engendered and inclusive entrepreneurs for the sustainability of sound economic growth and social environment facilitating business development.

We provide services and resources enhancing capacities of impoverished, underserved and underprivileged South Sudanese communities through grant supports and other development pathways.

As for our vision- the aim is to become a premier organization influencing development policies and processes empowering South Sudanese communities to co-exist in harmony with improved socio-economic, cultural and sustainable development.


What Are Our Core Values?

Support community

resilience initiatives


Strengthen rural agricultural productive system


Support investment

in human capital


Advocate for advancement of rule of law and good governance


What Are Our Area Of Focus? 

Livelihoods and Food Security

WaSH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)

Capacity Building for Community

Education and Functional Adult Literacy

Development Institutions

Access to Justice

Child Protection and Child Poverty Reduction

Peace buildingYouth and Women Empowerment 

Foundation For Youth Initiative South Sudan

Foundation for Youth initiative (FYI) was founded in 2011, drawing from multicultural and professional expertise of its founders.


Plot No. 60 & 61, Hai Thoura
Buluk – Hai Thoura Road, Juba, South Sudan

Tel: +211914997774

Email: info@fyisouthsudan.org

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