KEDA member cleaning the raw peanuts before processing in to paste

Koyle East Development Association (KEDA) was awarded $98,707.00 in 2017 by the USADF for its peanut paste capacity building project. The project funds will be used to improve the business and financial management of KEDA through a series of training and of a management team. The funds will also build its technical capacity by expanding and improving its peanut paste operations through training in sustainable agriculture and peanut production, quality control and food safety, and through its purchase of a paste-pressing machine to process the natural groundnut into a paste to supply to the market within Juba. The groups also have commercialized their product by obtaining packaging, labels, and approval from the Food Authority for commercial distribution in supermarkets- competing with imported products. The project is located in Koyle Community Center, Koyle East, Rejaf County- Central Equatoria.